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For the Love of Art

A collection of my art, from 1968 through 2021.

I put this book together because modern printing systems make it easy and affordable. Buy it for your coffee table – if nothing else, it makes a great coaster!

8.25-in. x 6.00-in. paperback, with 44 pages and 72 photos of my art.

Signed and numbered copies can be purchased through me for $50.00 each, plus shipping (pre-pay only).

Book 2 of 2

Men and the Art of Dishwashing

The single most important book you will ever read!

A must-have in every bathroom!

This ancient text was directly translated during many months of painstaking labour and mindreading sessions. Once, known only to those who had heard the sacred calling of the soap dispenser, I have endeavored to bring this enightened daily mantra to the world.

Some will call this an afront to the traditions so many still cling to, but if you accept the spirit of the mantra into your unconscious-conscious, you too will be assimilated into the greater universe of eternal tidiness.

Rejoice and go forth to the sink!

6.00-in. x 9.00-in. 30-page, paperback.