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Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Fine Artist

Design and illustration is my profession – art is my obsession

Corporate marketing designer and illustrator with 30-plus years experience in print and digital design, technical illustration, custom graphics, project and vendor management, and more.

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Click on the thumbnails below to see any of more than 500 examples of my designs, illustrations, fine art, etc.

Digital & Print Graphic Design

From 8-color brochures to interactive PDFs, to ads, to social media posts, and more, I’ve been creating sales and marketing materials for corporations and small businesses for over 30 years.

Whether you need an interactive pdf, an 8-color brochure, vector files or some type of static image for web or social media, or whatever, I know how to get it done.

Illustration & Custom Graphics

I was a highly accomplished hand illustrator and technical illustrator years before I started using computers – now computers are my favorite illustration and image creation tool. Over 30 years experience creating technical illustration, proposal graphics, marketing graphics and more.

3D Illustration & Animation

I first learned to create 3D images with AutoCAD in 1988, then Strata 3D in the early 1990’s – but I’ve been using Cinema 4D for over 15 years. While requiring significantly more work up-front, photo-realistic 3D illustration and animation can deliver stunning results.

Photography & Digital Editing

I’m an avid scenery photographer, as well as occasionally using it in my commercial projects for executive headshots, team photos, concept illustration, product photography and more.


Infographics are one of my favorite types of design projects. Complex or simple, infographics are excellent tools for quickly explaining complex subjects in an easily understandable manner.

Here are 17 examples of some of the infographics I’ve created – click on the image for a slide show.

Social Media Graphics

One of the most in-demand design tasks, creating social media graphics – in-brand, and on-time – is largely an exercise in artistic simplicity. Here are examples of social-post graphic designs I created.


Fine Art & Random Creations

Creating unique works of art the way I want them to be is my passion.

I’ve created hundreds of fine art projects in a wide variety of mediums, including; pencil, color pencil, oil paints and pastels, charcoal, watercolors, pen and ink, acrylics, welded and cast metals, wire, found objects, post-it notes, money, insects, alabaster, marble, spray paint, airbrush, cut-paper, photography, and an assortment of computer software (auto-cad, illustrator, photoshop, cinema 4D, and many others).

Animas – a marble sculpture

I completed this marble sculpture in October 2005 after 3-1/2 years (mostly on weekends). It stands about 4-1/2 feet high and the two pieces weigh around three tons. It was commissioned by Tom Lawlor of Longmont, Colorado, and is installed in his garden. It is the second of three stone carvings I have done, and was styled to be reminiscent of the work of Henry Moore.

See more here.


Event art and silent auction

Working with one of the largest ad agencies in the Denver, Colorado area, I created this illustration for the 18th Annual First Interstate Bank Cup in Winter Park, Colorado. It was used in a variety of advertising and marketing materials, including; a brochure, a variety of ads, and 500 signed (not fun) and numbered posters. The original was later sold in a silent auction at the event for just under $4,000. See the official record at the Colorado Snowsports Museum Hall of Fame.

Poster illustration link

Special creations

Unique works, created because I wanted to.

Click here (or on the image below) to see more!