Marc Engle

Art Director • Senior Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Fine Artist

Currently living in the quiet countryside near the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey, I’ve been a professional artist since 1976, and over the years, I’ve created everything from 3D animation and motion graphics to corporate collateral and welded-metal sculpture.

Employed as a senior graphic designer and illustrator with CGI Inc., a multinational information technology consulting and systems integration company (GIB NYSE, C$15.1B, ~90k employees), I’m the sole U.S.-based designer/illustrator to a team of almost 40 marketing managers and communications experts.

Industry experience includes; IT and business consulting corporations, computer hardware and software manufacturers, a corporate relocation company, ad agencies, an airport consulting/engineering company, retail manufacturers and distributors, a technical publication company, print shops, screen printers, design shops, and a sculpture studio (my fav).

Experience highlights

25 years in
high-tech industries

(IT consulting and computer hardware mfg)

30 years in
corporate marketing

35+ years in
digital design
and production

25 years in
3D modeling, illustration and animation

25 years in
digital photography

19 years

(expert with Quark previously)

8 years in full-time
remote working

30+ years
Illustrator and Photoshop

Equally proficient
on both Mac and PC