Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator – Feb 2016 to Present

CGI Inc., Montreal, Canada – CGI is a Canadian-based multinational information technology consulting and systems integration company with over 77,000 employees and $12B annual revenue. Currently, I support the U.S. Marketing and Communications group. Originally hired as Art Director for Collaborative Consulting (a Boston-based IT consultancy), they were acquired by CGI in late 2016, and I was transferred to the Business Engineering Group, where I provided custom graphics support for proposals. In June 2017, I was transferred again to the U.S. MarComm team (a 40 member team based in the Washington D.C. area). There, I provide support for all design and custom graphics/illustration needs, including; collateral, event assets, infographics, custom illustrations, technical graphics, sales presentations, and more.

Art Director, Senior Designer – 2014 thru 2016

Knowledgent Group Inc., Warren, NJ

Art direction, design and custom graphics creation for senior management, salespeople, technical staff and others, including; collateral, presentations, infographics, brochures, advertisements, trade show displays, website/html email content and more.

Freelance Art Director and Designer – 2009 thru 2014

Corporate collateral, sales/marketing materials design, presentations, and custom graphics/illustrations. Other services included, 3D modeling of products and retail displays, website/e-mail design and management, technical publications, case studies and white papers.

Provided art direction and design services to a variety of clientele including: Viacom/MTV Networks, NRG Energy, Data Systems Analysts, Inc., and others. Services were focused in corporate collateral, sales/marketing materials design, presentations, and custom graphics/illustrations. Other services included, 3D modeling of products and retail displays, website/e-mail design and management, technical publications, case studies and white papers.

Corporate Services – Senior Graphic Designer – 2011 thru 2012

Volt Information Siences, Inc., New York City, NY

Sales collateral, powerpoint presentations, white papers, marketing slicks and custom graphics.

Retail Products Manufacturer – Packaging Designer – 2007 thru 2009

Natural Magic/Osmegen, Allentown, PA

New product line identity design; logo, label and retail display design and production; marketing materials, including collateral and email design; 3D modeling of products.

Global Product Marketing – Senior Graphic Designer – 1999 thru 2007

Seagate Technology R&D Facility, Longmont, CO

Provided a wide range of graphic design support for local, regional, national and international employees, groups and departments, including executives, managers, sales and marketing personnel, engineers and administrators. That support included design and production of sales collateral, powerpoint presentations and custom graphics, internal and external websites, PR and tradeshow signage, technical and 3D illustration, photography and more.

– Design, production and management of sales fliers, brochures, corporate and specialized marketing websites and multimedia presentation materials in support of global sales and marketing offices, departments and personnel, user support for various core groups and engineering departments of internal product logos, presentation materials, internal and external trade show graphics and awards

– Design, production and implementation of corporate brand elements and standards, including logo, print, website and presentation materials, working closely with various internal departments, including marketing communications, product marketing, sales, engineering and corporate communications

– Worked closely with global marketing teams to create sales and marketing collateral, presentations, CMS-based websites, html email programs and trade show elements

– Technical illustration, including two- and three-dimensional illustration and animation for product marketing and various research and development engineering groups

– Photography support services for product marketing, sales, engineering, public relations and core product design groups in Colorado and Minnesota

– Design, coordination and production of trade show graphics and booth support materials

– Variety of internal communications materials from banners and posters to electronic presentations and video editing / production

Corporate Services – Senior Graphic Designer – 1997 thru 1999

Graebel Companies, Inc., Aurora, CO

Advertisement and sales collateral design; company newsletters and internal communications; executive presentations; proposals, trade show graphics and collateral; special-use logos, posters, annual reports; specialty advertising goods; website design and maintenance; vendor selection and production management.

Ad Agency Art Director – 1993 thru 1997

Jones CreativeWorks, Denver, CO

Advertising and marketing services Planning and execution of advertising and marketing materials for clients ranging from home building corporations, to mortgage lenders and business management consultancies. Specific responsibilities included creative direction assistance, art direction, graphic design, illustration, photography, pre-press production and vendor management. Projects included ads, brochures, logos, stationery packages and specialty advertising products. Lead designer and production manager of the Colorado edition of the trade magazine Builder/Architect.

Ad Agency Graphic Designer – 1991 thru 1993

The Denali Group, Denver, CO

Graphic design, illustration, photography, pre-press production and vendor management. Projects included ads, brochures, logos, stationery packages and specialty advertising products.

Rocky Flats / DoD – Technical Illustrator – 1991

Rocky Flats Plant, Denver, CO

Created technical illustrations for use in instruction manuals for the Rocky Flats Plant plutonium trigger manufacturing process. This position required an active Secret Clearance with the DoD.

Print Shop Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1989 thru 1991

Columbine Design and Printing, Englewood, CO

Design and production of all printed material for this small retail-oriented printing company.

Corporate Services – Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1987 thru 1989

Coffman Associates, Kansas City, MO

Senior designer, illustrator for this airport expansion consulting and engineeering company.

Print Shop Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1986 thru 1987

Apparel Graphics, Kansas City, MO

Design and illustration for this t-shirt and hat screen printing and wholesale company. Below, top-left, is the logo I created for them.

Technical Illustrator and Project Manager – 1983 thru 1986

Matrix Publications, Redondo Beach, CA

Hired in 1983 as a technical illustrator, this position soon proved to be the single most demanding job of my career.

The vast majority of the business was fulfilling rush technical illustration requests from various South Bay Area military/aerospace corporations, including Hughes Aerospace, Northrup, Logicon and the U.C.L.A. science department. After quickly proving myself as a technical illustrator, I was promoted to Project Manager. As PM, my job was to visit one or more of our clients daily to review and bid on whatever projects they had – this was an on-the-spot competitive bid situation as well (typically, a project consisted of roughly 15-30 illustrations). I was then responsible for managing the production of any projects I won by directing other illustrators, typesetters, or camera personnel, and ensuring delivery to the client by 8:00 am the next morning. I typically won the bidding on, and managed, one to five such projects per night.


The below illustrations are from one of the more interesting projects I had while there. The client had produced a transformer-like self-assembled toy set, consisting of different block-like elements, and wanted assembly instruction illustrations. Additionally, they wanted the illustrations created in a trimetric (orthorhombic) projection. To accomplish that task, the client provided samples of the finished product, from which we took detailed measurements and transposed those measurements to a trimetric grid. It was incredibly detailed and tedious work, as there were several dozen different pieces to illustrate, and they all had to be shown from different angles. It took over a month for me and one other illustrator to complete. Keep in mind, this was several years before I started using computers, and everything – measuring, calculating, plotting, etc. – was done manually. All final line art was created with rapidograph ink pens.

T-shirt Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1982 thru 1983

Westcoast Tees, Lawndale, CA

This company started out in a small strip mall shop, and quickly expanded to a much larger warehouse with about a dozen outlets from San Diego to Santa Barbara. My job was to create t-shirt designs for California-tourists – the designs were created in brainstorming sessions with the owner. I would then create detailed mockups from which the owner and I would choose which ones to mass produce. At that point I would complete all pre-press production tasks, including, screen production, print setup and troubleshooting.

T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt design - 1983 T-shirt illustration

Print Shop Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1982 thru 1983

Manhattan Beach Printing, Manhattan Beach, CA

Not long after moving to the South Bay area of Los Angeles (Redondo Beach, to be exact), I was hired by this small printing and design shop. They had 1- and 2-color presses, and I was responsible for all design, illustration, and pre-press production. The highlight of this job was when I created a full-page, full-color ad illustration for a local computer game programmer. The client brought the project in on a Friday afternoon, and needed it finished and ready to ship the following Monday. It was created using a pointelism technique in felt tip pen, and reproduced beautifully (the image is from the printed magazine).

Pre-Press Shop Graphic Designer – 1981

Lettergraphics/CPC, Inc., Kansas City, MO

Responsibilities included; support design and pre-press production, color seperations and proofs, stat camera operations, photo-typositor production, and super-short-run high-end screen printing. Keep in mind, this was years before desktop computers and graphics software. All color seps and proofs were done with stat camera negatives, multi-layer acetate overlays, and hand-cut rubylith/amberlith. Photo-typositers used chemical photo print methods, typesetting was produced on a a main-frame computer system and required manual paste-up.

T-shirt Graphic Designer and Illustrator – 1980

King George T-shirts – Lawrence, KS

Custom designs and illustrations for this college-town-oriented t-shirt printing company. Responsible for every stage of the production and sales process, including customer orders, design/illustration, pre-press production, single- and multi-color printing, and store management.

My proudest moment was when I created the t-shirts for the Johnny Winter show at the Lawrence Opera House – made a nice sale for the company and I got free tix and a promo photo of Johnny, autographed by Johnny and the band. I still have the photo, ticket stub and t-shirt. The design is from a small press release photo, which I enlarged and illustrated freehand, as well as custom-illustrated lettering.

Welded-Metal Sculptor – 1976 thru 1980

The Sculpture Studio – Kansas City, MO

Hired just after starting college at the Kansas City Art Institute, I was taught how to create decorative metal sculptures for homes and businesses in copper, brass and steel. These were typically small enough to sit on a desk or hang on a wall. All welding was done with acetylene/oxygen torches with Gasflux inline systems. I worked there for four years, creating thousands of sculptures for the company. The owners, Frank Andrews and Michelle Drabbs, were incredibly kind and supportive and gave me wide latitude in using their shop to create my own personal welded-metal fine art projects (some of which can be seen in my book “For the Love of Art” or below).