In my eight years of working as a Senior Graphic Designer for Seagate Technology in Longmont, Colorado, one of my primary responsibilities was providing support to the Global Product Marketing Team (GPMT). The GPMT was a subsection of Corporate Marketing (which was based at headquarters in CA) that consisted of 12 to 15 people, most of which were tasked with business-to-business sales of the second tier partners. The bulk of the support I provided was Powerpoint presentation clean-up and creation of any and all custom graphics the GPMT marketing managers (MM) needed. Of that, 75% of the presentation work was very last-minute — typically, a MM would meet with me on a Wednesday or Thursday with a 25- to 50-slide presentation that had to be completed and returned to them by the following Friday afternoon (they travelled a LOT). Normally those presentations contained six or more custom graphics, so I rarely had more than an hour or so PER GRAPHIC. Below is a sampling of the thousands of custom graphics I created during that time period (Jun 1999 through Jul 2007).

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