Welded Metal Sculptures

Shortly after I started attending the Kansas City Art Institute, I went to work for The Sculpture Studio – a company run by Frank Andrews and Michael Drabbs. The Sculpture Studio sold welded metal sculpture throughout the midwest, and I was one of several people they hired to make the products they sold. The sculptures were a variety of designs made to hang on walls or sit on tables and were made of welded brass, copper and steel. Luckily for me, Frank and Michelle were kind enough to allow me to create my own work in my spare time, and over the four-plus years I worked for them, I created a number of one-of-a-kind sculptures – two of which are shown here.

This piece had more of a “graphic design look” than most of the sculptures I created – an eagle-like shape (welded sheet copper) on a background motif of trees and the moon (chrome-plated sheet steel). Approx 30-inches wide – created about 1978.

Burning Wolf – torch-cut chrome-plated sheet steel. Approx 24-inches wide – created about 1979.