Creating art that suits no one but myself is what I enjoy the most.
Below are random blog postings of and about some the art I’ve created over the years.


ANIMAS I created this marble sculpture from early 2002 through October 2005. It stands about 4-1/2 feet high and the two pieces weigh around three tons. It was commissioned by Tom Lawlor of Longmont, Colorado, and is installed in his garden. It is the second of three...

Mad Owl

MAD OWL This is an acrylic painting I did back in 2006. As is typical for most of my fine art, I created it on a whim just for fun. It's measures 40-inches wide x 30-inches tall, and was painted over the course of two evenings. It's now in the collection of Chellie...

Wire Nude

WIRE NUDE One of my more recent pieces, this "wire drawing" is made of brass wire that I bent with my hands and mounted on a nice piece of custom art paper. The image the wire creates is derived from a drawing I did during a series of figure drawing classes I took in...

Down On ME

DOWN ON ME A felt tip pen drawing I created when I was 17.

Caged Tiger

CAGED TIGER Felt tip pen illustration - approx 10-inches x 8-inches - created in 1979.

Fine Artography

FINE ARTOGRAPHY For several years starting late in the last century, I had a line of custom-altered photography I sold in arts and crafts shows. Unfortunately, I was never able to generate enough sales to make it a career. I actually created over 50 different images...

Office Art

OFFICE ART Back in the early 1990's I worked for Jones CreativeWorks - one day, I created this in the front office of our first office. Just a bunch of post-it...

Lori Reading

LORI READING A custom-altered photo of my wife, Lori, reading while relaxing on a couch at a beach house we rented several years ago - I was going for a "digital impressionist" style. Summer...

Sabre Cat

SABRE CAT In the summer of 1988, I took a stone carving class - the instructor let us choose a piece of alabaster from a group of rough pieces, then instructed us on chiseling and filing. This is the piece I carved over the course of four weekends, without any...

Lee Anne

LEE ANNE Felt tip pen drawing of a friend - approx 1979.

Reposed Woman

REPOSED WOMAN Figure drawing exercise - black and white pastels on grey paper - pose time, five minutes. Size - 26-inches x 20-inches. Created 2000 in Boulder,...

Art Shows

ART SHOWS From the summer of 2000 through 2007, I had a little go at selling art in arts and craft shows. Mostly, I had a series of altered-state photos of mine I called Fine Artography. This is a photo of me from one of the many shows I did - this one was the summer...


STONEHEAD I made this in early 2014 from a small piece of marble left over from my Animas project. Carved it in a couple of days. It's mounted on a piece of Teak wrapped with a small leather rope. About 12-inches...


STARMOBILE I created this mobile in late 2007 using brass wire and a pair of needlenose pliers.

Copper Bird

COPPER BIRD This is the only remaining copy of the half-dozen copper bird sculptures I created during my time at The Sculpture Studio - it measures about 36-inches wide, and consists of hand-cut sheet copper, welded to a brass rod substructure - the color patterns...

Welded Metal Sculptures

METAL SCULPTURES Shortly after I started attending the Kansas City Art Institute, I went to work for The Sculpture Studio – a company run by Frank Andrews and Michelle Drabbs. The Sculpture Studio sold welded metal sculpture throughout the midwest, and I was one of...

Wire Mask

WIRE MASK Another of the many one-off sculptures I made during my years with The Sculpture Studio. As with so many of my other creations, this was created without any forethought or planning. Unfortunately, it's long since been lost. The piece stood about two-feet...

Woman & Rose

WOMAN & ROSE An approx 18-inch x 12-inch piece using spray can paint, ink and colored pencils - I cut strokes in a single sheet of paper to create the "airbushed" parts -...

Sun Plant

SUN PLANT A 16-inch x 12-inch oil painting I created just after moving to Dillon, Colorado in June, 1976.


UNICORN A drawing I created in 1978 for a friend - ink, colored pencil and gold spray paint. Approx 12-inches x 18-inches.

Rain Forest

RAIN FOREST The first oil painting I did, when I was a high school senior - from a photo in National Geographic of the rainforest in Olympic National Forest in Washington State. Approx 14-inches x...

Monet Field

MONET FIELD A 24-inch x 18-inch oil painting I created in 1977 as an homage to my favorite artist Claude Monet.

GPz 750

GPz 750 A 30-inch x 40-inch oil painting I created of my 1983 Kawasaki GPz750 after a trip I took it on to central California from Los...

Prism Bird

PRISM BIRD A 50-inch x 50-inch oil painting I created for Susan in the late 1970's.


EVOLUTION A 40-inch x 30-inch oil painting reflecting my view of our species.


ZACH A 40-inch x 40-inch painting/drawing (oil paint and oil pastel) I created of the son of a woman I used to know. Her son Zach committed suicide after suffering from depression - he was only 20, and was staying with his dad. Despite the fact that Zach had attempted...

Mountain Bird

MOUNTAIN BIRD A pencil drawing I did while meditating on the slopes of Ptarmigan Mountain in 1976.

Red Peak

RED PEAK Pen and ink drawing from 1976, when I spent the summer living in the Dillon, Colorado area. This is a drawing of Red Peak, as seen from Ptarmigan...


TREES Felt tip pen drawing – 1981.

Feet, not Inches

FEET, NOT INCHES Many years ago, I spent a great deal of time drawing – especially studies of form. This is one of those drawings.